Secret finds: Lhen’s 100% Original Phones (with interview)

We featured so many online gadget stores here on this website, but none are as enthusiastic as one Lhen Dela Cruz — read on as we talk about her small beginnings to where she is right now Plenty of online stores in the Philippines offer second-hand, refurbished, or old-stock phones at a wide range of […]

No Software updates? No problem. Do this!

Phones seem to have a longer life-span nowadays, but Software updates do not continue to be available for all devices. Here is how you can keep your phone safe and functional even when you don’t receive updates anymore. It’s important to be mindful of the risks of continuing to use phones that no longer have […]

Infinix Note 12 for only Php937 pesos? Legit or scam?

One of our team here in Unbox Diaries spotted a somewhat sketchy yet enticing sponsored ad on Facebook at apparently offers an Infinix device for less than a thousand pesos We humans love free stuff and we can’t deny that if getting it free isn’t an option, maybe buying it at the cheapest possible price […]

UD Asks: Will ChatGPT replace writing as we know it?

There’s an ongoing debate today whether ChatGPT can replace human writers as we know it for research, assignments, fiction, and everything. Short answer: no. This article is written with the help of ChatGPT (its words will be highlighted in red to differentiate it from actual human writing). Since ChatGPT’s release into the internet wild west, […]

UD Asks: is my smartphone capable enough to run the latest apps and games?

Tech is advancing so fast at the speed of Mach 10 and you don’t want your phone to be outdated, so the question: is it capable now? One of the key factors affecting how well a smartphone performs is the phone’s processor. It manages and processes the data, applications, and other functions of the device’s […]

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