Why Sebastian is stepping down as CEO of Linus Media Group

Big news in the world of Linus Media Group! Our favorite Canadian YouTuber, Linus Sebastian, is stepping down as the CEO of the company he built from the ground up. But don’t worry, he’s not leaving us hanging. He’ll still be making awesome videos; he just won’t be handling all the business stuff anymore. Why […]

Google could start Blocking you from Blocking YouTube Ads

You might want to grab your wallet for YouTube Premium now because Google just announced that it’s experimenting with a new feature that will prevent users from activating ad blockers blocking YouTube Ads. This comes after a tipster, Sazk100, revealed key details of the Google program, coinciding with the 2023 Google I/O conference. According to […]

Five new features introduced on YouTube Premium!

Apart from enjoying watching videos without annoying ads, YouTube Premium has introduced five other intriguing features to enhance the experience even more. Queueing system First up, you can now use a queueing system on your phone or tablet. This feature has been available on the YouTube website, but now it’s accessible to all subscribers on […]