ChatGPT-4 : If you own a mouse, you will never turn off your computer again!

Hold onto your hats, folks, because OpenAI’s ChatGPT-4 upgrade is about to take the world of AI by storm!

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Microsoft Germany CTO Andreas Braun recently revealed, the upcoming upgrade will have capabilities to transform text into video content. This will open a up a new portal of creative possibilities.

Just so you understand the vastness of the upgrade, Chat-GPT-4 will pack 100 trillion machine learning parameters. That’s a whopping 500 times more powerful than the current ChatGPT!

With this incredible boost in processing power, ChatGPT-4 will be able to handle all kinds of data like videos, images and sounds, and numbers.

This will take AI capabilities to new heights. It’s safe to say that this groundbreaking new technology will leave the current ChatGPT in the dust.

Not only will it easily handle different types of data, but it will also be more human-like with faster responses.

And that’s not all – OpenAI is reportedly developing a mobile app that will use GPT-4. This will give users access to this cutting-edge technology on-the-go.

This is a major upgrade from the current web-based ChatGPT. It will make it even easier to use and integrate into our daily lives. Get ready for a more seamless and human-like AI experience than ever before!

The real danger!

Not all that glitters is gold: The rise of AI technology has certainly been a double-edged sword. These comments from Facebook capture both the excitement and the concerns that come with this new frontier.

On the one hand, AI has incredible potential to revolutionize our lives. From helping doctors diagnose diseases more accurately to making our online experiences more convenient and personalized.

Both sides of the coin: others are raving about it, and some are on the fence

However, as with any major technological shift, there are also concerns about the impact on jobs and the economy. Not to forget the potential loss of the human touch and the absence of the purpose of life.

For some, the thought of a world where movies are created without human actors is a bleak one. Where even the most realistic animations lack the warmth and nuance of real human performances.

Others worry that AI will replace more and more jobs, leaving many people without meaningful work or career opportunities.

While AI could assist humans in many fields, it could lead to a loss of empathy and connection between people.

At the same time, there are certainly benefits to the use of AI in certain contexts. Chatbots and other automated systems can make online transactions faster and more convenient, freeing up our time for other pursuits.

And the potential for AI to improve medical outcomes and advance scientific research is a tantalizing prospect.

Ultimately, the challenge will be finding a balance between the benefits and risks of AI, without abusing it. We can help ensure that AI is in good use by staying attuned to the concerns of all stakeholders and working together. This will help to build a more equitable and human-centered future.

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