ChatGPT vs. Gemini Bard: Apple evaluates Large Language Models for iOS 18

Whispers from the tech world suggest Apple is mulling over how to integrate powerful large language models (LLMs) like ChatGPT and Gemini into its upcoming iOS 18.

Sources close to the situation hint at Apple in the final stages of negotiations with OpenAI, the developers behind ChatGPT. This integration could potentially supercharge Apple’s AI features within iOS 18. However, an official announcement seems to be on hold for now.

Interestingly, earlier reports also indicated discussions between Apple and Google regarding the potential use of Google’s AI chatbot, Gemini. This suggests Apple might be keeping its options open and exploring various LLM solutions.

One key aspect of Apple’s strategy appears to be prioritizing on-device processing for its AI features. This would leverage Apple’s powerful A-series and M-series chips, potentially offering advantages in speed and user privacy compared to cloud-based solutions. However, such an approach might conflict with a potential deal with OpenAI, whose LLM may necessitate some cloud processing.

Apple’s final decision on LLMs remains to be seen. We’ll have to wait and see if they choose a single partner or adopt a hybrid approach to incorporate these powerful language models into iOS 18.



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