Cheap Thrills: Upgrade your phone for less money at MRM Gadget Store!

Sometimes, you might not need as much money as you think you need to upgrade your smartphone. For instance MRM Gadget Store is one of the few shops which you can take advantage of.

It is both an online smartphone shop with a physical store located in Farmer’s Market Cubao that specialized in niche and underrated smartphones. Most of their phones are those that have depreciated in value but still speak nothing but quality.

Alex Bicoy, the owner of MRM Gadget Store had shared some transactions with the Editor-in-Chief of Unbox Diaries Website. They are accommodating, attentive, and able to deliver exceptional smartphones in near-mint condition. Check out this list to find out more about some of the best smartphones they have right now

Sony Xperia XZ14GB/64GBPhp 4,499
Sony XZ3 4GB/64GBPhp 6,000
Sony Xperia X16GB/64GBPhp 8,000
iPhone 11 Pro 256GBPhp 24,500
iPhone 11 Pro Max512GBPhp 32,000
iPhone 11 (75% BH)64GBPhp 17,500
iPhone XR128GBPhp 15,500
Sony Xperia 10 ll4GB/64GBPhp 6,000
Sony Xperia 16GB/64GBPhp 8,000
Sharp Aqous Zero 28GB/256GBPhp 7,999

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