Class-A AirPods Pro from Greenhills: Are they any good?

For a lesser price than usual , you could get the Class-A AirPods from Green hills but the biggest question is are they going to be good? Well we bought them and tested them so that you know before you buy and here is what we found out.


The Class-A AirPods Pros packing is pretty much the same as the original. They come in a white matte box embossed with a picture of the AirPods. Inside the box, is a set of user manuals and other paperwork related to the AirPods, the AirPods, three pairs of interchangeable ear tips with different sizes (small, medium and large) and a USB A to lighting connector to charge the AirPods. If you have never used original AirPods before, you would never know the difference which can be a good thing and a bad thing. You might easily get tricked and buy them for the price of the original ones. On the good side, no one would really know they are not original because they look original

Connectivity , Specs and Features

Connecting the Class-A AirPod Pros can be a bit tricky at first but once you manage to eventually connect them they are good to go. The connection range is around 800ft just like the original which is quite impressive considering the cheaper price point. Thanks to the Bluetooth 5.3 wireless technology included with them.

They are also able to pair with any device, be it Android, Apple or Windows and they have up to 6 hours of listening on a single charge, up to 4.5 hours of talk time on a single charge, up to 24 hours talk time and up to 30 hours of total listening time. They also claim that these AirPods have about 1 hour of listening time or about 1 hour of talk time on a 5-minute charge in their charging case.

Additionally, these AirPods are actually capable of wireless charging and MagSafe charging which is quite spectacular. They also have the same configuration that you get to customize original AirPods in the iPhone settings including a great seal to maximize noise cancelling capability.

The only negative things are that, even though they claim to have Active Noise cancellation and Transparency mode, these do not actually work. I guess for a lesser price, sometimes you have to sacrifice other things

Sound and performance

To get the most accurate and efficient results, we compared the Class-A AirPods Pro to the original AirPods first generation and the Nothing Ear 1s and here is what we concluded:

  1. The Class-A Airpod Pros had the loudest sound among the three and the Nothing Ear 1s were the second loudest with the AirPods (original) being the least loudest
  2. The Nothing Ear 1s had the best clarity followed by the Original AirPods Gen 1 then finally the Class -A AirPod Pros
  3. The original AirPods had the smoothest connectivity process, and then the Nothing Ear 1s , then finally the Class-A AirPods Pro
  4. For the battery performance the Nothing Ear 1s lasted the longest then the Class A AirPod Pros then finally the original AirPods

Overall, the Class-A AirPods are actually unexpectedly good and they still manage to perform on the same level as other original wireless earphones


The Class-A AirPods Pro cost about Php 2,000 in Greenhills compared to the originals which cost over Php 8,000


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