Dimensity 9200 and SD 8 Gen 2 scored more than a million on AnTuTu

Looks like MediaTek is catching up with the SoC race with their upcoming Dimensity 9200 raking in a million plus points, but veteran Qualcomm is still the top dog so far

Spotted on a screenshot provided by leaksters online via Weibo shows the upcoming Dimensity 9200 processor scoring a new high from their Dimensity 9000 in an unknown smartphone known only as “Alps K6985v1_64“.

This unknown smartphone runs on a Dimensity 9200 processor

But Qualcomm’s upcoming Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 isn’t slouching, as it appears to also score a million plus points on the benchmark application, and apparently, the device on which the SoC is running is an unknown vivo smartphone. We’ll taking a lucky guess here: it’s the vivo X90 Pro, maybe.

The smartphone in question is a vivo one, but it supposed to be a mystery until further updates has been made.

MediaTek has come a long way, from being a Spreadtrum-esque alternative to dominating the budget-to-mid smartphone category and now, they’re going hand in hand with the best of the best, Qualcomm who is in the business and developed a reputation way before any chipsets like Apple’s Bionic line, Exynos from Samsung, Kirin from Huawei, and even Tensor from Google themselves.

So what do you think about this progress by these two chipsets?


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