Discovery+ streaming to be shut down in the PH soon

Discovery + is among the least expensive of the streaming services available in the Philippines. Unfortunately, the service will no longer be available in the Philippines by the end of next month

For those who aren’t too knowledgeable about what the platform provides, Discovery+ in the Philippines is responsible for the streaming of shows like RuPaul’s Drag Race, Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, MasterChef, Shark Tank, and a vast library of documentaries and specials. The content mainly circulates around stuff produced by the group comprising of Animal Planet, BBC, TLC, HGTV, Discovery, and more.

A billboard ad for Discovery +

It’s a gold mine for those who love this kind of entertainment and it was also offered at an extremely competitive price of PHP 129/month, or even PHP 999/annually. When you consider that those monthly fees are nearly a third of what you pay for Netflix, it’s a steal.

Sadly however, this graphic above began spreading all over Facebook which indicates the end of Discovery+ services in the Philippines. It appears that all those with yearly subscriptions will be reimbursed to minimize the negative impact of this act, but many are still grieving over its departure. The message clearly indicates HBO Go as an alternative – although that is more expensive at PHP 199 and is technically inferior to HBO Max which isn’t available locally.

We have not been informed as to what the “exclusive offer” at the end is all about, we will keep you posted for information regarding the matter.


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