DOCOMO, NTT, NEC and Fujitsu developed 6G 100 Gbps transmission

Powerful and efficient 6G device could transfer rate at ultra-speed within 100 meters.

Four Japanese companies have jointly developed a wireless device capable of incredible high-speed transmission. This became possible under the 6G network.

The speed reached 100 Gbps in the 100 GHz and 300 GHz bands and could travel distances up to 100 meters. If compared to 5G, the 6G transmission rate is around 20 times faster than the 4.9 Gbps max data rate on 5G.

The milestone was achieved thanks to the individual roles of the four companies. According to DOCOMO, it developed wireless transmission equipment that could transmit data with a rate of 100 Gbps at 100 meters.

NTT developed the top-level wireless device that could transmit 100 Gbps per channel at 100 meters in the 300 GHz band. NEC created the multi-element active phased array antenna to enable the same effect on the 100 GHz band.

Fujitsu developed an amplifier to boost the communication range and cut power consumption on both 100 GHz and 300 GHz bands. The company’s products turned out to be the world’s most power efficient high-output amplifier.

6G will be sorely needed with the growing demand for ultra HD media, IoT devices, autonomous vehicles, smart homes and cities, and big data from numerous industries. However, the 6G generation is also expected to be much better than 5G in terms of stability and reliability.

The four companies will still conduct further tests including extensive research into sub-terahertz telecommunications.



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