Dynamic Island: who’s the first phone that did it?

Apple’s Dynamic Island brings so much buzz worldwide that many people mistook it as the very first to do this thing, but is Apple really the first to do it? The short answer is: no.

But how did that happen? For such an ‘innovative leap’ from Apple, it’s not that surprising of a news that Apple lags behind the latest features then implements it on their devices, repackaged as an innovation, such is the case for their punch hole display and the always-on-display function.

After all, it’s just a glorified widget, right? It appears to do more than that. The Dynamic Island’s widget do more than 30 functions ranging from playing music and notifications, and other custom-tailored actions depending on an app if its supported. And newer functions are added every day.

It appears that Honor implemented their very own Dynamic Island function in their phones way back in 2018 as shown in this video via Twitter.

Of course, Honor might be the first one, but technically — they aren’t the first ones to do that. Wanna know who? It’s the LG V10.

the LG V10.

Whoever did it first isn’t important, what matters is who did it better.


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