Elon Musk appoints new CEO of Twitter but who is she?

Elon Musk shakes up the Twitterverse with his latest move – naming a new CEO of Twitter just six months after his controversial takeover of the social media giant.

The billionaire tech mogul has enlisted Linda Yaccarino, former head of advertising at NBCUniversal, to lead the struggling platform’s business operations. While Musk will continue to serve as executive chairman and CTO, Yaccarino is set to take the reins in six weeks.

“I’m looking forward to working with Linda to transform this platform into X, the everything app,”

Musk tweeted, confirming the decision and quelling rumors he had stirred up the day before about a mysterious new boss. The entrepreneur had been under pressure to find a capable leader for Twitter, which he purchased for a staggering $44bn last year.

With fewer than 10% of Fortune 500 tech companies being led by women, Yaccarino’s appointment is a historic move towards gender equality in tech. Having worked her way up the ranks of some of America’s biggest media companies, Yaccarino is poised to become a rare example of a woman at the top of a major tech firm.

Who is Linda Yaccarino

Linda Yaccarino has had a successful career in the media industry. She has experience in building relationships with major brands and launching streaming services. However, Yaccarino faces the challenge of managing a business that has struggled to be profitable. She is also under intense scrutiny for its handling of misinformation and hate speech.

As the new CEO of Twitter, Yaccarino will have to navigate difficult conversations with Musk about content moderation, particularly with the 2024 presidential election approaching. Her political leanings, reportedly conservative, have raised concerns among some on social media. Musk is ard to please , and we are eager to see how their relationship will develop. Despite these challenges, industry watchers look forward to see how Yaccarino will fare in the role.



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