Elon Musk’s SpaceX NTC Registration is Approved

Just a few hours ago, NTC has officially released documents that show Starlink finally being registered in the Philippines as one of the official internet service providers.


Starlink is a satellite internet constellation that is operated by its parent company SpaceX. Starlink is an example of LEO (low earth orbit) satellite technology that allows for faster internet speeds of up to 50 Mbps to 150 Mbps.

The Starlink package includes a satellite dish (codenamed Dishy McFlatface), a WiFi router, a base, and some cables, as well as manuals. The initial payment for the service is a one-time payment of $499, and a monthly payment of USD110 for the internet service. However, recent price increases for the Starlink hit in March this year, increasing the base price to USD599 for the initial payment, and USD135 for the monthly payments.

Commissioner Gamaliel Cordoba, head of NTC released a statement saying “The NTC’s swift processing of Starlink’s VAS provider registration was meant to expedite the service’s immediate roll-out.” Starlink’s registration was expedited for approval, just short of thirty minutes after being handed to NTC.

Starlink’s presence in the Philippines should fix the country’s slow internet problem, as a world report (Ookla Speedtest Global Index) indicates that the country is ranked 63rd out of 178 countries.

The swift issuance of certificates and business permits, especially to telcos, have allowed for better internet speeds, and Filipinos can finally have more options in terms of their ISP when Starlink starts to roll out equipment.


There are currently 2,300 Starlink satellites orbiting the earth in the lower atmosphere. It is expected that SpaceX will continuously add more to provide high-speed internet access for people in far-flung areas.

Under NTC’s regulations, any and all Starlink equipment should have certification for it to be legally used in the Philippines.


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