Facebook Removes App Functions and Several Features On August 1

Facebook has come a long way – from a social media app used to connect with people all around the world, to becoming one of the largest companies that have ever existed. The social media app and website, however, is removing features you may or may not have used before.

Meta, formerly Facebook, is rolling out updates (feature removal) in the next few months

Ang unang tatanggalin ng Facebook is the nearby friends feature, which enables the users to share their location with their friends. While it’s still useful, not a lot of people use this feature and are more comfortable with several in-app “send location” functions on other apps, like Google maps.

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The other two features that are set for removal will be the Weather Alerts and the Background Location history. The second feature is the more useful out of the two, allowing users to check their previous travel locations or places they’ve been to. Meron din naman mga tao na hindi gumagamit ng feature na ito, that’s why there’s an option to turn this off.

The main reason why Facebook is removing these features is a lack of usage: while Facebook is a feature-rich app, some of these functions are repetitive. Meron na ang location-based history sa Google, and the location on Google maps can be sent through any app.

Google Maps has a share location feature which can used in any app

This isn’t sudden though, dahil nag start ng roll-out sa updates ang Facebook even earlier than last week, so some users might not be able to check their location history, however, this should not be a problem for device users who haven’t received the update yet.

No date has been given by the company on when the roll-outs will be complete, but they already started with the updates almost 2 weeks ago. Other apps still remain competitive with location-based services like Google and Apple, and Facebook will still continue collecting information about user behavior as indicated in their Privacy Policy.


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