Five reasons why the realme GT3’s charging speed is actually the greatest thing so far

The realme GT3 has the fastest charging speed in the entire world, no seriously… It’s the world’s fastest now, and for (five) great reasons

realme’s new flagship killer smartphone offering, the realme GT3 240W version (realme GT Neo5 in China) has claimed a very distinct and impressive feat in smartphone tech: having the fastest charging speed in the world right now which is probably the greatest thing in battery tech as of 2023.

But the thing is: with new tech or innovation comes more questions, so we are here to enlighten you with five reasons why the realme GT3’s battery and charging are a superb win.

#5: The innovators for fast charging speed

realme is no stranger to pushing the limits of how fast charging speed should be, starting with a modest 65W speed with the realme 7 Pro that was considered really fast when it was first introduced.

Above: realme 7 Pro with 65W / Below: realme GT Neo 3 150W Edition
Credits: GSMArena

But hold up, there’s the 150W milestone– a real shocker but a welcome one when it debuted with the realme GT Neo 3 150W Edition last year. And now, we come for the ultra-fast 240W charging speed found in the realme GT3.

#4: How exactly fast the realme GT3 is

A record time of 9 minutes and thirty seconds from 0-100% is not only an impressive feat but saves a lot of waiting time when you find yourself outdoors or need to top up fast, the video linked below speaks for itself!

We actually tested this out and we will share some pictures of how really fast the charging is with the realme GT3:

Charging timeCharging percentage

Not only that, a quick top-up for around 30 seconds (using the included charger) will give you three-and-a-half hours of music playback, 40 minutes of video streaming, twenty-five minutes of gaming, and even one whole TV episode for charging the phone for a very short time! And for eighty seconds you can get even more!

#3: The fastest charging speed (even while gaming)

Almost everyone knew this but we do it because we want to use our phones more: charging while using it will degrade the battery health over time.

But not the realme GT3, as it can fully charge a smartphone while playing or using it for just 17 minutes with little to no heating at all, and with a maintained 60 FPS frame rate! How cool is that?

#2: More relevant battery innovations

But we’re not done yet: not to mention, realme has dedicated three (yes) charging chipsets to regulate and make sure it delivers all the juice to your realme GT3. They also invented an Ultra-Fast 12A Cable that greatly helps the charging process as well.

And finally, the 240W Dual-GaN (gallium-nitride) high-powered charger has the same power output as most laptop chargers and charging bricks in the market, all in a compact size!

#1: Don’t worry, it won’t blow up

Many people are concerned about battery wear and tear, as well as fast charging could lead to a bloated battery and potential hazards like explosion, fire, and the spread of toxic chemicals caused by battery leakage– but the realme GT3 eliminates it!

Because of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7’s battery exploding fiasco which was and still is a real issue today, manufacturers are making sure that this won’t happen and follow Samsung’s path to battery explosion infamy.

Compared to most phones released nowadays, the realme GT3 actually achieved double the normal battery lifespan from under 1,000, now peaking at 1,600 and you’ll retain 80% of the original capacity, so you’ll get to keep it for longer without any battery issues.

Another factor is their 10C Ultra-Thin Battery tech that managed to squeeze in a lot more battery capacity and at the same time, maintain its slim frame.

With its included 24A maximum current speed, you can overclock its charging capacity by up to 162% meaning, more time to use the realme GT3, and more time for daring leaps of creativity.

It also has a larger cooling plate than most devices to help dissipate heat and keep the phone cool at most times.

Finally, it has a TÜV Rheinland certification, which means it passed multiple safety guidelines in safe fast-charging and more, so that’s got to be another reason to put peace in your mind!

TÜV Rheinland is the global standard for safety measures for numerous products released and with that certification, you can take it easy now.

The realme GT3 will surely not blow up from overcharging or too much anytime soon since it also has an AI built-in to sense your charging habits whenever you are sleeping, in transit, or in your car.

So that’s it: five reasons why you should not fear realme GT3’s 240W speed and instead, it should be welcomed with open arms since it pushes the boundaries for fast and safe charging speed.

If you’re interested in realme GT3, check out our specs page for more details about its features and specs right here:


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