Five ways to use your smartphone to your advantage this Valentine’s Day

You can’t live on love alone, you have to book hotels (wink), cook food, and make the best day for you and your partner, but how? You have your smartphone to guide you!

In this modern era, we are living filled with negativity and sadness, one of the days that remind us of how human we are is Valentine’s Day– on this day, most people dedicate this date to showing our special someone how important they are to us.

You have your phone, and it’s Valentine’s Day, how to maximize these advantages in order to create the best “Valentine” experience for your special someone? Here’s how (Keep in mind, you can do it even if it isn’t Valentine’s Day because love knows no boundaries lol).

#1: Booking in advance

Planning to stay at a hotel with your significant other? Maybe thinking of reserving a room for that sexy wholesome good time? Download booking apps like, Airbnb, Agoda, and more so you can think about something else while you have a place to stay already.

#2: Let someone shop for you

If you want to decorate your place with some mood pieces and designs and don’t want to bother going to the market to shop for ingredients for your dinner? Book someone from apps like Grab, Joyride, Lalamove, Pickaroo, and the like by tapping into your trustee driver to shop for you! Cut hours and hours of shopping and falling in line by letting someone do it for you. Just make sure to write your shopping list clearly and compensate your driver enough!

#3: Don’t drive, book a ride

Let’s say you and the love of your life had one too many drinks and you need to drive home but clearly, you’re both drunk. Instead of making your perfect night a disaster, book a lift (wow, British)– we mean a taxi so you don’t need to get into the hassle of driving under the influence.

#4: Post your special moments on social media

Show your special moment to the world (even if few will really care) by posting your videos and photos on sites like Instagram, Facebook, and more. Besides that, you can look back on your moments a year from now and reminisce!

#5: Use your smartphone’s camera

You have a smartphone, 99% of the time, that has a camera. So use it! Capture some of the most treasured Valentine’s Day moments with your special someone — but don’t overdo it and documenting every second (except if that’s both your thing), stop and savor the moment.


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