Globe launches National SIM Registration Week with over 500 pop-up stations

Globe began the first-ever National SIM Registration Week (NSRW) on Monday. Starting on February 20, 2023, they will set up assistance stations in more than 500 sites nationwide to make it simpler for customers to register their SIM cards.

Cons of not registering your SIM

The program is part of Globe’s effort to connect with customers, particularly senior citizens, and people with disabilities. Additionally, mothers, owners of entry-level phones, and people without internet access will also benefit from this cause.

Since SIM registration is now mandatory, failure to do so may result in several consequences that can affect your mobile phone usage, personal security, and legal standing. Here are some of the cons of not registering your Globe SIM or any other network for that matter:

Disconnection of Services

Globe may disconnect your SIM card if you fail to register it within the prescribed time frame. This means you will no longer be able to make calls, send text messages, or use mobile data services. You will also lose access to all your existing mobile services, and any credits or subscriptions you may have paid for will no longer be available.

Loss of Phone Number

Losing your phone number can be inconvenient and even costly, especially if you use it for business or personal purposes. Register your SIM so that Globe does not disconnect or deactivate it

Fines and Penalties

Non-registration of SIM cards may lead to fines and penalties imposed by the government. These penalties may vary from one region to another. These penalties can range from a few hundred pesos to thousands of pesos, depending on the gravity of the offense and the number of unregistered SIM cards you have.

Security Risks

Scammers, fraudsters, and criminals use unregistered SIM cards to conduct illegal activities such as phishing, identity theft, and money laundering.. Your personal information may also be compromised if your SIM card is stolen or lost. Registered SIM cards are linked to the owner’s identification and personal information, making it easier to trace and investigate illegal activities.

Inability to Activate Certain Services

If you do not register your SIM, you may not be able to access some services like roaming or Mobile Wallets. This can be problematic if you need to travel abroad and rely on your mobile phone for communication and connectivity.

To learn how to register your SIM online, Click here: How to register SIM online


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