Globe’s 917Ventures, Ayala Corp, and Gogoro unveils a new efficient way of transport in the PH

Companies launch Gogoro Smartscooters® and Battery-Swapping Pilot in Metro Manila, announce public availability by Q4 2023

On Monday, Globe Group’s 917Ventures, Ayala Corporation, and Gogoro Inc. made history as they launched Gogoro Smartscooters® and battery-swapping in the Philippines. The companies are introducing a new era in sustainable transportation that brings together intelligent, convenient, and accessible electric two-wheelers to customers.

The announcement was made at a ceremony held in Bonifacio Global City’s Globe office. According to the three companies, the commercial, open release of Gogoro Smartscooters® and battery-swapping stations in Metro Manila is scheduled for Q4 2023.

The Gogoro Smartscooters® and battery-swapping are part of a transportation ecosystem that combines mobility innovation and sustainability. “We at the Globe Group are proud to bring them to the Philippines. Another first for the Philippines, Filipinos will have access to these electric two-wheelers this year and Gogoro’s practical and affordable battery-swapping technology”, according to Globe Group President and CEO Ernest Cu at the launch.

With the launch of Gogoro, the Globe Group enters into the field of climate technology while continuing to produce innovations that deal with the daily problems of Filipinos. In keeping with the partners’ shared commitment to sustainability and the Philippine government’s agenda for sustainable development, Gogoro seeks to alleviate commuter concerns about high gas prices while aiding in reducing carbon emissions.

It also heralds the arrival of Gogoro in the Philippines. This company has revolutionized two-wheel mobility in Taiwan and fostered a new intelligent mobility sector with a network of environmentally conscious companies and end users. Gogoro also conducts business in China, India, Japan, Korea, Indonesia, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Taiwan and the Philippines.

Gogoro’s founder and CEO, Horace Luke, expressed excitement about bringing the ecosystem to the Philippines and vowed to repeat the company’s success in Taiwan, where it has 540,000 users and has installed more than one million intelligent batteries at 12,000 battery-swapping stations. Gogoro users have made more than 450 million swaps in total, or 400,000 per day, and since the service’s launch, Gogoro has prevented the emission of more than 627,000 tons of CO2.

“Our partnership with the Globe Group and Ayala Corporation in the Philippines is a significant step in our mission to transform urban transportation and provide an accessible path for users to adopt sustainable urban mobility and play a key role in battling climate change and making the world a better place for all,” the company said.

“We look forward to collaborating to create a sustainable transportation system that will enhance air quality, lower carbon emissions, and offer the Philippines’ riders a better riding experience.”

The partners at The Globe Tower unveiled the first Gogoro battery-swapping station. This marked the beginning of a network of Gogoro battery-swapping stations that was intended to be initially established in Metro Manila and eventually established throughout the country.

They also announced the Gogoro pilot in Globe, where 70 employees will test the system for two months in May and share insights on their experience to ensure an even better customer experience once the e-bikes are made available to the general public later in the year.

According to Globe Capital Venture Holdings Inc. Director Bernie Llamzon, “The Gogoro ecosystem is very convenient as its swap-and-go technology allows riders to swap out discharged batteries for charged ones in just a few seconds and go on their way. With the current traffic situation in the metro, these Smartscooters® will serve as an eco-friendly alternative to reduce carbon emissions while easing congestion.”

Meanwhile, Vince Yamat, managing director of 917Ventures, thanked the government for supporting the switch to electric vehicles and stressed the significance of enabling policy for the development of electric cars in the nation.

With continued government support enabling private sector initiatives to succeed, the transition to EVs, particularly implementing Gogoro’s battery-swapping system, will go a long way. According to Yamat, “sustainable transportation projects align with the government’s long-term agenda to promote environmentally friendly transportation options and foster digitalization as Filipinos’ mobility needs increase.

Through their creative change-making initiatives, The Globe Group, 917Ventures, and Ayala Corporation consistently set the bar for using technology best to improve Filipinos’ quality of life and protect the environment.

Gogoro Smartscooters®️ and GoStation in the Philippines FAQ (from Gogoro)

  1. How does Gogoro battery-swapping technology work?
    It is designed to make it easier for scooter riders to charge and swap batteries in
    their vehicles as needed. Riders can quickly swap out their depleted batteries for
    fully charged ones in seconds.
  2. What made Gogoro choose the Philippines?
    The Philippines needs urban transportation that is sustainable, accessible, and
    enables each Filipino to participate in addressing climate change.
  3. Why did Gogoro partner with Ayala Corporation and Globe Group’s
    917Ventures on this?

    We share similar values and vision. Gogoro, Ayala Corporation and Globe
    Group’s 917Ventures have a vision to accelerate the sustainable energy and
    transportation transformation and establish a new energy and transportation
    paradigm in the Philippines.
  4. When will Gogoro Smartscooters®️ and battery swapping be available
    in Manila?

    Gogoro battery swapping and Smartscooters®️ will be available to consumers
    in Manila in Q4 of 2023.
  5. What is the pilot program of Gogoro in the Philippines?
    There are 70 Globe employees who have volunteered to be part of the pilot
    program which will start in May 2023. The Globe employees will be using their
    assigned Gogoro Smartscooters for 2 months, along with the battery swapping
    station in The Globe Tower.
  6. Why are Gogoro Smartscooters®️ better than other e-bikes in the market?
    Gogoro leveraged the power of innovation to integrate smart connectivity,
    performance, safety and security into a two-wheel electric vehicle that leverages

Gogoro’s world leading battery swapping.

  1. How much carbon emissions can be avoided in a year with one Gogoro

    Gogoro is committed to enabling smart sustainable transportation and displacing
    as much carbon emissions as possible. Since launching in 2015, Gogoro has
    saved more than 627,000 tons of CO2.
    An example of this, one Gogoro S2 Smartscooters®️ can save 1,652 kgs
    of Greenhouse Gases (CO, NOX, etc) for its entire product lifecycle.
  2. How far can Smartscooters®️ go on fully-charged batteries?
    Gogoro offers a range of Smartscooters®️ for the varying needs of customers.
    Depending on rider behavior, Gogoro Smartscooters®️ have a range from 70km
    to 170km.


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