GMA unveils country’s first AI-generated sportscasters

The project is a team effort involving GMA Integrated News (GMAIN), GMA New Media Inc. (NMI), and GMA Synergy. They’re all set to reveal the innovation on Sunday, September 24, just in time for the start of NCAA Season 99.

Image source: GMA News

These AI-generated sportscasters are named Maia and Marco. They’ll deliver the latest news on NCAA Season 99 and updates on local and international sports with Filipino athletes. You can see them on GMAIN, GMA Sports, and GMA Synergy’s social media platforms.

Oliver Victor B. Amoroso, Senior Vice President and Head of Integrated News, Regional TV, and Synergy, said, “Introducing AI sportscasters is a groundbreaking move for GMA Integrated News. It aligns with our mission to serve all communities in the nation and make our reporting more inclusive.”

Aileen Rae Perez, Assistant Vice President and Deputy Head for GMA Integrated News Social Media, added, “We’re excited about this project. With the latest developments in generative AI, we’re finding exciting ways to deliver information. We’re also thrilled to collaborate with our NMI Studios and GMA Synergy partners for this groundbreaking project.”

Maia and Marco are AI-generated using cutting-edge technology like Image Generation, Text-to-Speech AI Voice Synthesis, and Deep Learning Face Animation Technology.

Ramil Escarda, NMI Studios Head of Creatives, explained, “Generative AI is changing how we share news and information. It enhances our storytelling, making it more powerful and accessible, without replacing human creativity.”

While there are many potential benefits to using AI-generated sportscasters, there are also some potential drawbacks to consider:

  • Accuracy: AI-generated sportscasters may not always be accurate, especially when it comes to complex or nuanced topics. This is because AI models are trained on data, and if the data is inaccurate, the model will be inaccurate as well.
  • Creativity: AI-generated sportscasters may not be as creative or engaging as human sportscasters. This is because AI models are typically trained to generate text that is factual and objective, rather than creative or opinionated.
  • Job displacement: The use of AI-generated sportscasters could displace human sportscasters from their jobs. This is a concern that has been raised in other industries as well, such as journalism and customer service.
  • False authenticity: AI-generated sportscasters may not be able to replicate the authenticity of human sportscasters. This is because human sportscasters are able to convey emotions and insights in a way that AI models cannot.
  • Ethical concerns: There are some ethical concerns surrounding the use of AI-generated sportscasters. For example, some people worry that AI-generated sportscasters could be used to spread misinformation or propaganda. Others worry that AI-generated sportscasters could lead to a decrease in human creativity and empathy.

Understanding the potential downsides of employing AI-generated sportscasters is crucial when considering their use. Responsible use and transparency about their AI nature are equally vital. GMA Network finds itself in a delicate position, with their recent Facebook posts receiving a considerable amount of negative reactions, currently totaling around 58k reactions at the time of writing this article. This development undoubtedly has far-reaching implications for the future of the news industry.

The comment section is brimming with expressions of profound disappointment directed towards GMA. Many are asserting that this shift is not conducive to the future of sports broadcasting or the broader media industry. It’s a reflection of the gradual replacement of humans by technology across various domains.



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