Google, Apple, and Microsoft Are Ditching Passwords Soon

Ilang passwords ang ginagamit mo for your personal and business accounts? If you’re using ten, that’s great! But, if you’re using only one, oras na para magbago ng online security habits.

That’s what Google, Apple, and Microsoft plans to eliminate. Sa sobrang daming passwords na kailangan gamitin ng mga tao, it’s a major inconvenience to have them all listed down on paper. Pwede rin naman gumamit ng password vault like Zoho, or your default Chrome password saver (or kung ano ang favorite mong browser.)

The three tech giants are planning to use FIDO passkey tech instead of the traditional character-based, text-based password.

An example of a FIDO passkey tech is the Yubikey. This basically means you need a USB plugged in to your device to authenticate logins.

For more information about this tech, watch this Youtube video by Yubico:


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