#GetTheMessage: Google is tired of Apple not implementing the RCS standard, says it’s a serious security risk

According to Google, Apple’s iMessage system is obsolete, isn’t pretty, and puts the users into a ton of security issues and more…

Just after the release of Apple’s newest iPhone 14 series lineup, Google isn’t having of that so-called innovations like the 48MP camera, or their ‘newest’ notch Apple called the Dynamic Island, or anything– because what’s the use of these new features when their iMessage is lightyears behind the modern standard in messaging? Thus, #GetTheMessage was born.

Which is better? The blue or the green bubble?

Understanding RCS

RCS, or Rich Communication Services, is the modern industry standard when it comes to messaging, everyone including the top smartphone companies and carriers in the world implemented it because of the better encyrption, but only Apple doesn’t want to change, disappointed but not surprised.

How exactly iMessage puts you in risk

Apple uses iMessage, when you are texting with an iPhone to an Android user, it uses SMS/MMS which is a technology often used way back in the ’90’s and ’00’s– but it isn’t the standard anymore. Meaning, it’s vulnerable to attacks such as phishing and more.

The overall result is very bad, because iMessage doesn’t support end-to-end encryption, high quality media sharing, typing indicators, message receipts and more.

Apple still uses the white text/green bubble color scheme which is hard to read especially for people with eye problems.

iMessage also heavily compresses any video and texts to the point that it loses its details, according to Google’s statement via their Android website.

If you’re texting on an iPhone to an Android, which uses SMS/MMS systems still, texting via Wi-Fi isn’t always available and depends on what carrier you are using.

Google uses the hashtag #GetTheMessage to spread the message across the internet, it is already blown up on Twitter and covered by other news outlets such as The Wall Street Journal and more. The campaign involves tagging Apple with the hashtag in hopes that they will listen maybe…in their iPhone 33 launch?

For now, due to Apple’s strict implementations and the restriction for choices, Google endorses apps such as WhatsApp and Signal as an alternative.

How about you? Do you agree with Google’s campaign or this is just another attempt to take a shot at Apple’s reputation? In our words, Google’s concern is valid and people are entitled to a rich user experience always, with Apple charging a hefty price tag on its smartphones, it better be on the cutting edge of technology. Maybe Apple will listen, maybe not. Apple slow adaptation and innovation is no new news, it’s safe to say that Apple changing fast is like saying water is wet.


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