Here’s Why You Should Never Buy The iPhone SE 2022

iPhone SE 2022

The iPhone SE 2022 is a “good deal” para sa mga taong gusto ma-experience magkaroon ng first nilang Apple device, but for the general consumer population, parang mas okay pa bumili ng cheaper phones.

However, meron pa rin mga Pinoy na kumbinsido that Apple is better. While it’s true that iPhones have features that provide extra security, some of the hardware look like they could use an upgrade.

iPhone SE 2022
iPhone SE 2022 in Product Red

Before pa natin madiscuss ang pricing (which is obviously the worst aspect of the product, kumpara sa daan-daang cheaper phones), let’s see where the iPhone SE 2022 “excels”.

The iPhone SE 2022 uses the same A15 bionic chip na present din sa iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. All good, since it’s proof that the phone can handle a variety of tasks.

The A15 chip also enables 5G connectivity for faster data speeds. And since maraming 5G towers sa Pinas, it’s good to take advantage of its capabilities.

Apple is known for making good displays both on phones and laptops, all thanks to their Retina technology. The result is sharper and clearer images on the displays.

Classic iPhone SE design (debatable, since design-wise, more people are preferring phones with bigger screens) but with glass front and back with aluminum framing.

Now let’s get to the part where the iPhone SE 2022 DOESN’T shine.

Although minamarket ni Apple ang retina display, iba pa rin ang experience ng AMOLED screen. The Retina display is based on an IPS LCD technology, which means there’s going to be a backlight bleed. 

Backlight bleed from an IPS LCD panel, may be obvious in iPhone SE 2022

Kapag all-black ang screen, “maliwanag” pa rin, kaya naman nagmumukhang brownish instead of true black. It’s one of the disadvantages of an IPS LCD-based display. 

Dahil sa maliit na screen ng iPhone SE 2022, may limitations din sa screen resolution. With a resolution of 1334 by 720, hindi kasing linaw ang images sa screen compared to other devices with even lower price points. 

Most phones today which have that kind of resolution have prices far lower than the iPhone SE 2022’s.

At dahil nga IPS technology ang ginagamit, mas matakaw sa battery. Hopefully the A15 is battery efficient enough, pero wait, meron pa palang tinatagong sikreto yung A15 chip.

The A15 chip’s GPU actually has 5 cores, but the fifth core is disabled by default. Whether or not pwedeng i-enable ang 5th GPU core, ito ang totoo: konti lang improvements ng A15 chip over A14. 

Let’s talk about design – the iPhone SE 2022 is trying to bring back the classic iPhone 8 look, pero majority ng mga Pilipino ay mas gusto na ng mas malaking screen for the viewing experience.

iPhone 8's design is the basis for iPhone SE 2022
the iPhone SE 2022 design is so 2017

The chin which houses the fingerprint scanner and home button takes up too much space. Maraming phone na ang meron side-mounted fingerprint scanner kaya naman isasagad ng manufacturer ang screen size para mas magmukhang aesthetic – something Apple failed to improve on iPhone SE 2022.

Last but not the least – the iPhone SE 2022 is heavy. Yes, premium feels kasi all-glass for the front and back, and the aluminum frame helps to make it sturdy. Pero pag nahulog mo, iyak na lang. 

For some people, plastic back panels feel cheap, but they provide a degree of protection kapag ang priority mo is tumagal ang device.

So here’s a rundown of why you should think twice before buying the  iPhone SE 2022:

  • Not-so-great pricing
  • Small display na mahina resolution
  • Outdated design
  • 12MP-only camera
  • Chipset has no major advantages over A14
  • Power-hungry IPS panel
  • Only 4GB of RAM
  • GPU is not maximized (doesn’t maximize 5 cores)

What do you think? Maganda ba gumastos ng PHP28, 990 (64GB variant) for an old-looking phone with a barely-improved processor?

View the full specs here.

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