Huawei Nova 11 series specs and prices

Exciting news! Huawei just released their latest smartphone series, the Huawei nova 11. These include three versions: the nova 11, Nova 11 Pro, and the nova 11 Ultra. This new series is all about the portrait camera and offers some incredible features.


Huawei Nova 11

The vanilla nova 11 boasts a stunning 10-bit AMOLED panel with an impressive 120Hz refresh rate. But that’s not all – this beauty comes with a larger 6.7″ diagonal and flaunts a sleek, fully flat design.

Turning our attention to the cameras, the rear setup remains unchanged with the reliable 50MP + 8MP duo and color temperature sensor. The front, on the other hand, ditches the zoom selfie camera, and instead, sports a high-quality 60MP 100-degree FoV shooter with 4K video recording capabilities.

And if you’re wondering about the battery, the nova 11 series packs a punch with a 4,500mAh capacity. However, charging is limited to 66W. In terms of connectivity, you can expect Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.2 with BLE. Oh, and let’s not forget about the UI – the nova 11 series runs on the smooth and sophisticated HarmonyOS 3.0.

Huawei Nova 11 Pro

One of the most impressive features of the nova 11 Pro is its new front binocular stereo vision imaging system. It includes a 60MP tracking focus dual camera with a 100-degree ultra-wide-angle lens, which supports 4K ultra-clear image quality. Additionally, it has an 8MP portrait close-up lens with up to 5x digital zoom, providing a natural human-eye-like experience.

Moreover, the nova 11 Pro has a pixel-level virtualization engine that can deeply adjust and process the images. This results in more layered and natural-looking shots. It also includes portrait low-light enhancement technology, which enhances the overall brightness and dynamic range of pictures. As a result, it provides richer image details, more realistic color reproduction, and improved low-light clarity.

In terms of specs, the nova 11 Pro has a 6.78-inch 120Hz brand-new color ring screen, the first Display Turbo color display, and Harmony ecological color management. It also has a 100W super-fast charging and Turbo 2.0 charging mode. This allows the phone to charge up to 60% in just 10 minutes and 50% in only 15 minutes.

The Huawei nova 11 Ultra

The Huawei nova 11 Ultra, the first ultra-large model in the nova series, has features that are typically reserved for the Huawei P and Mate series. This includes the two-way Beidou satellite communication and Kunlun glass. It comes with a 6.78-inch 120Hz full-color ring screen with dual-punch holes and supports 1440Hz PWM high-frequency dimming and Kunlun glass, which improves the toughness of the glass by growing billions of nanocrystals.

The nova 11 Ultra also has a dual camera setup, with a 60MP super wide-angle lens and an 8MP portrait lens, supporting up to 5x digital zoom. It includes the XD Portrait portrait engine, which achieves a DSLR-level photo experience and offers features like 0.7X portrait group photo, 1X selfie, 2X texture portrait shooting, and 5X makeup close-up. The nova 11 Ultra’s design and texture are much improved, with two plain leather versions available in green and black.


  • Huawei Nova 11 (Standard Version):
    • 128GB model: 2499 yuan Php 20,397
    • 256GB model: 2799 yuan Php 22,807
    • 256GB + Kunlun glass version: Php 24,488
    • 512GB + Kunlun glass version: 3399 yuan Php 27,738
  • Huawei Nova 11 Pro:
    • 256GB version: 3499 yuan Php 28,522
    • 256GB + Kunlun glass version: 3699 yuan Php 30,147
    • 512GB + Kunlun glass version: 3999 yuan Php 32,603
    • Colors: white, black, gold, and green
  • Huawei Nova 11 Ultra:
    • 512GB + Kunlun glass version: 4499 yuan Php 36,692
    • Colors: green and black


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