Huawei P50 Series Is the Last of the Best

The smartphone company will no longer make Leica lens-equipped smartphones.

Leica was the main lens maker-slash-provider for Huawei Smartphones since 2016, but the former is already in a new deal with Xiaomi. This means the possible end for Huawei’s long-standing reputation as the company that makes the best camera phones, and that Xiaomi might be the new smartphone that will redefine smartphone photography.

This is old news, unfortunately. A correspondent from Android Authority reached out to Huawei, to which they received a response that the partnership between the smartphone company and the German lens-maker has officially ended March 31st.

Huawei P50

This also means that the last (and the best) Huawei smartphones with Leica lens are the Huawei P50 and the Huawei P50 Pro. The two phones would have been a little better if they were 5G, and that might be the reason why these phones didn’t take off, despite having the high-grade lenses in their cameras.

As for the reason why Leica left Huawei, it’s simply a matter of contract – the two companies have agreed to a five-year partnership, and the German lens maker left in search of possible candidates. Leica was looking to partner up with Xiaomi, Honor, and Sharp prior to Xiaomi releasing its latest flagship, the Xiaomi 12. 

There’s news of the Xiaomi 12 Ultra coming in July 2022, where it will debut with its very own and first-ever Leica lens. As for Huawei and its partnership with a lens maker, there’s no news yet. 

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