Huawei P60 and P60 Pro camera specs and camera features revealed!

Despite not succeeding in introducing a new P-series generation after the 2021 P50 series, Huawei is poised to do so this year as the rumor mill for the camera-focused flagships is suddenly picking up speed.

Huawei is developing four P60 series models, as leak from RODENT950 reported. According to reports, the lineup includes the entry-level P60E, a standard P60, a P60 Pro, and what might be the P60 Ultra. The “Plus” versions, such as the Mate 40 Pro+ and P40 Pro+, appear to be being replaced by the P60 Ultra. It seems reasonable to see a move in branding given the popularity of “Ultra” versions from firms like Xiaomi and Samsung, especially given reports that Apple may produce an iPhone 15 Ultra this year.

Specs and features

The Huawei P60 and P60 Pro’s camera specifications have also been released by the same leaker. The P60 is rumored to include three cameras at the back: a 50 MP IMX789 primary camera, a 50 MP IMX858 ultra-wide camera, and a 16 MP IMX351 camera hidden beneath a zoom lens. Variable aperture technology is anticipated to be available in the standard model.

The 50 MP IMX789 and the IMX858 are still present on the Huawei P60 Pro, which is unfortunate considering that the IMX789 is a subpar, outdated sensor that was utilized on the OnePlus 9 Pro two years ago. However, it adds the IMX888 and a 64 MP OV64B to the mix to complete a quad-camera system that also has “dual-frame variable aperture.”


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