If Apple releases a foldable, this will create another market shift

If Apple will really release a flip phone in the future, we are treated into a new possible future we never thought exist…

Abhijeet Mishra, a writer for SamMobile, speculates in a conversation that Apple’s entry into the foldable device market may be the risk necessary for these gadgets to genuinely take off and into consumers’ pockets. Foldable smartphones will start to get widespread user acceptance.

Despite the fact that Android has long had a system of customized responses to notifications. Apple needed to play the game in order to realize how much the feature meant to the developers.

But this is not only a software issue. How did manufacturers in the hardware sector respond, for instance, when Apple got rid of the headphone jack? They were heading in the same direction after several Apple-critical advertising…

The number of examples increases. Think of Windows laptop batteries, which have improved their battery life to compete with MacBooks. Or some firms who have already declared intentions to put the dynamic island into practice. which made its debut on their Android devices, along with the iPhone 14 Pro.

Although Apple’s supporters claim that this is because the corporation wants to perfect new features before exposing them to the public, the truth is that Apple virtually always adopts new technologies late. Foldable devices shouldn’t change this trend.

But it’s also true that occasionally a new trend can only be properly shaped by Apple’s power and influence.

Therefore, it’s probable that unless the brand decides to release its own foldable, we won’t see a truly strong drive to make these devices have actual advantages over the “conventional” form factor, giving more than just a bigger screen or a more compact chassis.


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