Infinix Note 12 G96 is not match for the Infinix Note 30! Here is why

As Infinix too a big jump from Note 12 all the way to Note 30, it is only right that we compare the Infinix Note 12 G96 against its successor, the Infinix Note 30. This will clarify how the company has absolutely aced the performance of this new machine.

The AnTuTu Benchmark Score

Note 30

The Infinix Note 12 G96 scored a respectable 339,774, but Infinix Note 30 takes it to a whole new level with an impressive score of 379,003!

Infinix Note 12 G96

The G96 performance was already but this new benchmark score is hard to beat. It simply showcases the incredible power and performance of the new chipset. From apps launching faster to processing time. In fact the chipset on the Infinix Note 30 is 10.92% more powerful that that on the G96.

Chipset size

The Infinix Note 12 G96 featured a 12nm chipset, which was pretty impressive in its own right. However, the Infinix Note 30 takes it up a notch with a groundbreaking 6nm chipset. This means that the components on the chipset are even smaller and more efficient, resulting in improved power consumption and better thermal management.

Figure chipset level

The Infinix Note 12 G96 boasted the G96 level, as the name already suggest, which was no slouch. However, the Infinix Note 30 for the first time entered the a new level with the 6080 chipset. This upgrade does not only equate to numbers but the 4 digit level chipset actual perform better. Chipsets in this level can handle better graphics on display and high refresh rates, which brings us to our next point.

Refresh rate

One of the most noticeable upgrades comes in the form of the refresh rate. The Infinix Note 12 G96 had a decent 60Hz refresh rate but its a while different story with the successor. It has an astonishing 120Hz refresh rate! That’s double the smoothness. When scrolling through social media, playing games, or watching videos, the difference will be night and day. 120Hz brings incredible responsiveness the phone feels more alive and smooth to operate.


I guess it is now safe to say, 5G is not limited to flagship and midrange phones only. While the Infinix Note 12 G96 rocked a 4G network, which was pretty standard at the time, the Infinix Note 30 steps it up with the power of 5G connectivity! This means blazing-fast download and upload speeds, reduced latency, and a whole new world of possibilities.


The Infinix Note 12 G96 launched at Php 8,999 however , the Infinix Note 30 has not been launched yet. That means there is still no price yet. The big question is, with such a massive jump performance wise, do you think the price will jump up as well?


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