Infinix Zero Ultra VS iPhone 11Pro Max gaming experience (MOBL) . You won’t believe it!

We decided to compare the gaming experience and general performance of the Infinix Zero Ultra against the iPhone 11 Pro Max during a Mobile Legends game and the results where quite unexpected and actually impressive.

Network Test

Mobile Legends is one of the most well-known MOBA games, has outperformed several of its rivals. We started by trying one of its most  intriguing features on the Infinix Zero Ultra, the signal test, which is one of the game’s most important features where players can use this function to check the connection quality before a game. 

Even though the results of this test are highly dependent on the general quality of the Internet connection, we still wanted to see how good the Infinix Zero Ultra is at receiving the signal and optimizing it for the best gaming experience against the iPhone 11 Pro Max and these where the results.

The Infinix Zero Ultra had 0Ms Residential Broadband delay where as the iPhone 11 Pro Max had 9Ms. In simple terms both situations are quite good but the game would be less likely to lag in the case where there is 0Ms delay. In this case the Infiniz Zero Ultra would definitely have a more guaranteed smooth gaming experience

On the second and third section, the Infinix Zero Ultra had 0 WiFi workload and 7ms whereas the iPhone 11 Pro Max had 16 WiFi workload and 6ms which was quite impressive for both smartphones, particularly the Infinix Zero Ultra considering the price point.

Performance Test

When it came to the Performance Test, the result , our minds where definitely blown. The Infinix Zero Ultra Surpassed 92% of players with a Grade of 100 where as the iPhone 11 Pro Max surpassed 98.45% of the players with a grade of 139. This shows that the Infinix Zero Ultra is actually among the top tier gaming smartphones but for a lower price point


Even though the Infinix Zero Ultra the Ultra HD display turned off, its 6.8 inch AMOLED waterfall display still made it a crazy good gaming experience and definitely an easy win!


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