iPad Pro with AMOLED display, possibly eyeing for 2024 release

Did we ever see an AMOLED iPad since ever? Well, next year, maybe the age of iPads with AMOLED screens!

Active Matrix Organic Light Emitting Diode, or AMOLED, displays are renowned for their vibrant colors, rich blacks, and energy effectiveness. Apple has chosen to use its own Retina Display rather than incorporating this type of display technology into its current lineup of iPads.

AMOLED displays’ enhanced color and contrast may be preferred by some users, despite the Retina Display’s high pixel density and excellent color reproduction. Apple appears to have some insight here, though. According to a recent leak from a tipster, the company may have AMOLED iPad Pro prototypes, which points to a potential 2024 release.

According to the said leak, Apple is allegedly switching from the flexible OLED technology that is typically used on their iPhones to rigid OLED screens. Users have complained about poor viewing angles despite the latter being used by other high-end smartphones, including Google’s Pixel 6 and Pixel 7 lineups.

Apple is rumored to use hybrid OLED technology on the iPad Pro models to avoid the “wrinkled” appearance some OLED displays have. Samsung will be the main manufacturer of this technology, which uses two-stack tandem OLED panels to increase the cost of the products while improving longevity and viewing angles.

Since ShrimpApplePro’s tweet was initially published on April 1st, there is some confusion surrounding it, but it is obvious that the next iPad Pro releases will have a price increase of 80% compared to the most recent flagship tablets.

Additionally driving up component costs for many electronic devices, including iPads, is the ongoing global chip shortage. We still don’t know Apple’s preferred display technology, but we can anticipate learning more in the upcoming year.


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