iPhone 15 Series with dual ports?

With the iPhone 15 Series releasing this year, they are switching to USB-C finally, but Apple being Apple, makes sure that some solidarity will be achieved here — maybe?

The new EU law mandates that mobile devices unify and utilize a single USB Type-C port for charging. Since most brands already utilize this charging port, this is not a big deal. Apple, however, is the main victim of this new law.

To accommodate the new USB Type-C interface, the company won’t have to get rid of its Lightning port. But contrary to popular belief, things might not be as simple as they seem. Apple will take into account a few options.

According to rumors, future iPhone models will only support wireless charging. There are rumors that users of the iPhone 15 series won’t be able to use any USB Type-C cable.

Engineers have successfully converted the iPhone’s Lightning interface to a USB Type-C interface. Another design for a dual-port iPhone has since emerged. In this instance, the engineer merely (though not entirely simply) upgrades the outdated Lightning interface to a USB Type-C interface.

Hyphaistos3672, a YouTube blogger, worked on the iPhone 12 mini by installing a USB Type-C port next to the Lightning port. He succeeded in developing a dual-port iPhone. The engineers had to disassemble the phone in order to do this, cut a hole in the bottom, and install the new USB Type-C port.

The connection connects to the mobile phone’s current hardware. An iPhone 12 mini with a fully functional USB Type-C port that can connect the iPhone to iTunes was made by the engineer/blogger. Since this is not an official Apple product, the company may never employ this tactic.

Despite the odd appearance of the iPhone with two interfaces, some online users point out that this dual-interface design has advantages. “Just like in 2016, you can charge while using headphones.” Recall that the headphone jack was removed from the iPhone 7; this causes some problems for iPhone users who prefer wired headphones.


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