iPhone 15 Ultra — costs more than an arm and a leg?

Apple’s iPhone 15 series will undergo significant changes. These new improvements, though, will be very expensive. In fact, it won’t just increase the phone’s cost; it’ll also make this the most expensive iPhone ever.

According to a recent internal leak, the top-model iPhone 15 Ultra will cost nearly $2,907 or around PHP159,572. The “Pro Max” model will probably also get a new name from Apple: “Ultra.”

The company will then widen the distance between the Pro and Ultra models. Only a select few can afford the “Ultra” model, an expensive luxury item.

The prefix “Ultra” is used in the names of the most cutting-edge flagship products currently offered by the major mobile phone brands, including the Xiaomi 12S Ultra, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, and others. Apple will do likewise.

Although the press conference isn’t for another six months, this device is close to being ready based on the current exposure rate. The camera bump on the iPhone 15 Pro Max measures 3.78mm, almost 5% larger than the iPhone 14 Pro Max, according to recent CAD renderings of this device.

The 16.2 mm-diameter outer camera ring accommodates a 13mm camera lens. The front and back designs of the new phone are also not significantly different from those of the iPhone 14 series. However, solid-state keys have replaced the original push-button volume controls.

The CAD designs for the solid-state buttons have previously been made available to the public by several insiders. There will still be button-like shapes on the side, but they won’t function as buttons.

The only way to mimic the feedback of virtual buttons is to turn on the linear motor of the Taptic Engine. Internet users are worried that wearing the phone case will affect the sensitivity and usability of the solid-state buttons.

However, the iOS 17 operating system, unveiled at the autumn conference, will feature a switch button that users may adjust in terms of sensitivity to accommodate these various usage scenarios.

This function reportedly functions similarly to the button on the Apple Watch Ultra. Users can change some operations to meet their unique requirements.

Additionally, before the conference, manufacturers of cell phone cases typically get the new iPhone’s design specifications. This will enable them to make any necessary adjustments to the button placement.

The rest of the iPhone 15 lineup

There are rumors that the iPhone 15 Pro series now has a solid-state volume key. This new key will replace the mute switch. Along with volume control, numerous gestures and new features will be included.

The volume key adjusts faster with the solid-state key, and the force used to adjust the volume affects how quickly it does so. The solid-state key may continue functioning even when the iPhone 15 is powered down or off.

In most other respects, the design of the iPhone 15 series is similar to that of the iPhone 14 series. The new color matching is probably the change if there is an intuitive difference. The color scheme of the iPhone 15 Pro series will be a deep red that is comparable to burgundy.

However, Apple ought to call it a dark brown (dark sienna) color scheme. The iPhone 15 basic model will also come in dark pink and light colorations that Apple will later refer to as telemagenta and picton blue.

Releases of other traditional color schemes are also necessary. For instance, the Pro model would have gold, space gray, and silver, while the basic model would have red, black, and white.

There will be a significant performance gap between the two even after the iPhone 15 Pro series is further upgraded to a new generation of A17 chip, produced using a 5nm process, with better performance and lower power consumption.

The iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus base models share the same A16 processor as the iPhone 14 Pro.

How about its charging and battery?

Finally, a 48MP primary camera is used throughout the iPhone 15 series for imaging. Since the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max have periscope telephoto lenses, the difference is that the iPhone 15 Pro series is thicker.

Apple must replace the Lightning interface on the iPhone 15 series with a Type-C interface to comply with the new EU laws regarding charging. However, Apple has developed a unique IC chip that will be used and is compatible with both the Lightning and Type-C interfaces.

The technology for universal fast charging will aid in preventing arbitrary charging speed limitations by different brands. The EU claims that if the iPhone 15 does this, it might be in violation of EU law. The majority of the information about the iPhone 15 series is available online, with the exception of charging.

According to rumors, the iPhone 15 Ultra will cost just over $2900, or roughly PHP160,000, making it the priciest iPhone ever. Will you spend this much money on an iPhone?


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