iPhone 15 Ultra looks a lot like the Xiaomi 13

iPhones are known to have a distinct design language since its very first incarnation in 2007, but maybe times are a-changin’, because of these renders…

The Xiaomi 13 is the hottest topic right now. It is being compared to the iPhone 14 by everyone. We must also admit that the Xiaomi model outperforms the Apple phone in a number of areas. The Mi 13 demonstrates how effectively the design team collaborated.

The apparatus actually resembles bullion. But the right-angled form also makes it incredibly pleasant to carry in the hand. In actuality, the iPhone 12 series set the trend. After that, practically all Android OEMs started utilizing it. Even Samsung released a few products with this look.

Therefore, it makes sense for Apple supporters and designers to believe that the future iPhone 15 Ultra will include a similar design.

The Xiaomi 13 feels considerably better than anticipated, according to several consumers who have handled one in their hands. The usage of a glass back shell by Xiaomi is the cause. Additionally, the edge has a 2.5D curve. The grasp is therefore superior than that of the iPhone.

The renderings demonstrate how many design cues from the prior-generation devices are still present in the overall appearance of the iPhone 15 Ultra. Additionally, the rear glass appears to be thicker, as can be seen. The same 2.5D glass look as the Mi 13 is to blame. Thus, when the Cupertino company duplicates what the Chinese Apple accomplished, this is what happens.

However, we should also note that the iPhone 15 Ultra lags behind what we’ve seen on the iPhone X and iPhone 11 series in terms of design, and doesn’t appear like a “Apple product.”

Additionally, we can see in the renderings how unique the camera is compared to its brothers. It is no longer brought up collectively. The glass panel is the cause.

Under the left lens, there is additionally a strip-shaped hole. The periscope telephoto lens that is frequently cited is this one. The latter should improve the iPhone’s ability to shoot at a distance.


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