iPhone owners can keep True Tone, battery health metrics, and other features after third-party repairs

iPhone users will soon enjoy third-party repairs without losing features.

Apple is having a change of heart about third-party repairs for iPhones. The tech giant will no longer disable exclusive features when iPhones are repaired using non-Apple hardware parts.

This is good news for owners and repair shops. However, Apple warned about going for non-Apple hardware parts because iPhone users may find discrepancies in diagnostic readings of exclusive features.

In a paper by Apple, the June 2024 revision noted that on top of security and privacy, calibration is also crucial during repairs. When an iPhone user wants to replace the battery, they are suggested to have an Apple-certified battery replacement.

If they don’t, the third-party battery may not be calibrated correctly for their device. It won’t necessarily damage the iPhone but whenever they check for battery health, the details might be inaccurate.

The same goes for the True Tone feature that involves a coordination between the display panel and light sensors. A third-party display replacement must be accurately calibrated to the light sensors so the feature will work seamlessly.

Thus, users should expect that they may get third-party replacements that don’t go on par with the original parts. Though, this is an acceptable trade if they are looking for affordable choices.

So, when is this taking effect? Apple didn’t reveal when but it’s likely included in the next major iOS update, perhaps this September.

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