iPhones to be replaced by Android smartphones in the MPL?

A VLOG was posted by AKOSI Dogie to his YouTube channel in December 2022. He discussed several common topics including smartphones and the MPL. Apple is not a fantastic gaming platform, according to Dogie

Almost all members of Team Dogie utilize Apple devices both for regular use and for gaming. But, Dogie claims that Apple iPhones 13 and later are no longer good. The iPhone 12 Pro is the only recently introduced iPhone that is stable. According to Dogie, the recently released iPhones simply have a lot of problems, including ghost touches, overheating, and easily scratched surfaces.

While Blacklist International used iPhone for the MPL, it is because of muscle memory. Dogie claimed that Android right now simply makes gaming devices better in general. Many features, including anti-ghost touches, integrated cooling systems, increased stability for gaming, and scratch-resistant screens, are available on Android gaming smartphones to improve the gaming experience.

Despite the fact that Dogie recommends the iPhone 12 Pro for gaming which is still pretty good, particularly for Mobile Legends, we still believe the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the superior all-around gaming phone due to the significantly faster processor and larger battery.

See comparison below on the iphone 12 and iphone 13 batteries:

iPhone 12 pro seriesiPhone 13 pro series
Pro Max3,687mAh4,353mAh

That’s a good increase that will have an impact on how long your gaming sessions last. Simply said, the iPhone 13 pro/pro max offers all the benefits of the iPhone 12 pro/pro max with a better processor and battery.

In conclusion, even if Dogie mentioned that the Apple iPhone 12 Pro is good smartphone to game on, the Apple iPhone 13 pro has better battery and performance but even then, Android gaming smartphones offer the best value. In general, Android phones will feel better than Apple iPhones for gaming πŸ‘€πŸ‘Œ


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