iRecorder App on Google Play Store exposed to be secretly recording users!

We’ve got some shocking news that’s gonna make you question the safety of the Google Play Store. That’s right, the place where we all go to download our favorite apps and games may not be as secure as we thought. It all starts innocently enough with an app called iRecorder App for Screen Recording.

It was available on the Google Play Store and seemed like a harmless way to capture your screen. But guess what? This app took a dark turn when it updated in August 2022. That’s when it became a full-blown spyware. The app incorporated this sneaky thing called AhMyth, which is an open-source Remote Access Trojan. Well, what it did was turn the app into a dangerous espionage tool. It started recording audio from its users every 15 minutes and sent it straight to the app developer. That is some serious level of invasion of privacy!

Credits – Gizmochina

But here’s the really scary part: this app had been silently spying on people for a whopping nine months! People had no clue that their voices were being recorded while they went about their daily lives. After the truth came out, Google finally removed the app from the Play Store, but it makes you wonder how something like this slipped through their security checks. Come on, Google, we’re counting on you to keep our apps safe!

It’s no secret that Google has been battling with malicious apps infiltrating their platform. They do their best to get rid of them once they discover them, but the real issue here is prevention. Why are these harmful apps making their way into the Play Store in the first place? We need better security measures to ensure our digital playground stays clean and safe.

This recent incident is just another reminder that even the apps in official stores can’t always be trusted. We have to be vigilant. Double-check the apps you’ve downloaded, especially if you ever got your hands on that iRecorder App. And always take the necessary precautions to protect your privacy and security.



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