Is it worth it to upgrade from an older iPhone to a iPhone 14 today?

We all know by now that Apple releases a new iPhone series every year– a company tradition we must say. But it doesn’t mean that you should stay on the trend too, or is it worth the upgrade? Let’s find out.

Apple updates its iPhone series year after year since the dawn of its creation way back 2007. When you think about it, it’s not that fast compared to other brands that releases a new one every other month.

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But here lies the single question every Apple user is pondering every time September comes around: should I upgrade to the latest model or stick to my guns for now? We know the feeling, it’s living inside your head, rent-free.

There are two types of Apple users: the one who needs to be on the bleeding edge of Apple’s latest offerings (they are also the ones who has a lot of cash lying around), or you’re the person who still uses an iPhone 6s that they bought around six or seven years ago.

Here’s the reason why people upgrade to a newer phone model a lot more than sticking to what they have:

✔ They want to catch up with the latest trend

✔ A desired feature such as: Great camera, having an iOS phone, security

✔ Wanting to spend on something

Is it really worth it to buy the new iPhone models?

The new iPhone 14 Pro is really attractive at this point because of the new upgrades that it has, Apple really made outdid themselves to push it to the next level! The new features are amazing to see from Apple such as the Always On Display finally coming to the new iPhone Pro models and the new “Dynamic Island.

iPhones will Finally have Always On Display

It took a long time for the iPhone models to integrate this feature but at least they updated this feature it’s better late than never right? The Always On Display (AOD) will show the time and some notifications on your phone without opening your smartphone a neat feature to have.

The “Dynamic Island

A quirky feature that Apple introduced in the Launch event is this “Dynamic Island.” It is a cool feature to have but Android phones can replicate this through widgets. This feature is only available for the pro models.

So is it worth it to spend your money in the new iPhones?

iPhone 14 Pro
iPhone X

The iPhones are great and all but the amount of money that you will have to spend on is no joke because it really is expensive. You can find older models like the iPhone X for example, it serves the same purpose as the new iPhone models that will be available right now minus its other features.

In my personal opinion you should search for other options before buying the new iPhones, because you can get a great smartphone like the new iPhone 14 Pro with half the price on what is available on the market right now.

In the end of the day it is your decision to get what phone you want, if you have the means to get the more expensive smartphones that will benefit you in whichever way fits you then go for it! Make sure to read our thoughts on what iPhone will be right for you by clicking here.

What smartphone are you currently using right now? Let us know in the comment section!

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