itel A50: Student-Friendly Phone? Unboxing & First Impressions

With classes back in session, students (and parents!) need a reliable device that won’t break the bank. Enter the itel A50 – a budget-friendly phone perfect for learning on the go.

Itel is known for delivering amazing value in their affordable phones. The A50 is no exception – it packs all the essentials you need without sacrificing quality. Let’s jump right in to the unboxing!


Itel’s packaging for the A50 is a clear statement: budget-friendly without sacrificing features. The box is simple yet eye-catching, with the phone’s model name and impressive 8GB (expandable) RAM prominently displayed. The image of the phone itself hints at the sleek design that awaits you inside.

Everything you need to get started is right in the box! You’ll find the phone itself, along with a user guide and SIM tray ejector pin. Itel even throws in a protective case, a Type-C charging cable, and a 10W adapter to keep your phone powered up.


Drawing inspiration from current trends, the itel A50 boasts a stylish camera design. While the back is crafted from plastic, a textured finish makes it surprisingly comfortable to hold. Plus, the smudge-resistant surface is a major win for a budget phone!

The A50’s ports and buttons follow a familiar layout, putting everything within easy reach (check the images above). Even the fingerprint sensor is surprisingly responsive, defying expectations for a budget phone.

6.6″ Big Display w/ Dynamic bar

The itel A50 boasts a large 720p display, perfect for catching up on movies or shows. While the teardrop notch and bottom bezel are visible, the phone’s other features make it a great value for the price. It even includes a dynamic bar, a feature typically found in high-end models – a surprising perk for a budget phone!

Other Features

The A50 packs a punch with 8GB of RAM (utilizing virtual RAM technology) and 64GB of storage, ideal for everyday tasks and casual gaming thanks to its Unisoc T603 processor. It’s a great choice for students on a budget!

And while the 8MP dual AI rear camera and 5MP selfie camera won’t win photography awards, they’re perfectly suitable for capturing homework images or video calls. Don’t expect flagship-level quality, but they’ll get the job done.

The A50 also offers face unlock for added security. While the speed might not be blazing fast, it provides a convenient way to keep your phone secure.

Final thoughts

The itel A50 emerges as a strong contender for students (and budget-conscious users!) thanks to its impressive feature set, user-friendly design, and affordable price tag. It delivers the essentials for online learning and everyday tasks,making it a smart choice for those looking for value without compromise.

The itel A50 comes in FOUR stylish colors: Misty Black, Shimmer Gold, Cyan Blue and Lime Green. Looking for a great deal on a new phone? The itel A50 is priced at only PHP 3,199 and is available from popular online stores like TikTokShopee, and Lazada.

For the itel A50 specs page, click the link below:


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