LiFi standard unveiled, shown to be 100x faster than WiFi

A new breakthrough in connectivity technology has been introduced by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)

Image source: Fraunhofer

IEEE launches LiFi standard!

Image source: LiFi

The IEEE has added the 802.11bb standard for light-based wireless communications. This is a welcome development for global LiFi companies, as it will help to accelerate the adoption of this data-transmission technology.

LiFi uses light instead of radio waves to transmit data, which offers several advantages. It is faster, more reliable, and more secure than traditional wireless technologies such as WiFi and 5G. Additionally, LiFi can be used in areas where radio waves are not allowed, such as hospitals and airplanes.

The introduction of the IEEE 802.11bb standard will help to ensure that LiFi systems are interoperable with existing WiFi networks. This will make it easier for businesses and individuals to adopt LiFi, and it will help to create a more unified wireless ecosystem.

However, it is important to note that LiFi is not a replacement for WiFi, 5G, or wired connections. Radio waves have some advantages over light, such as the ability to transmit data over longer distances and through opaque objects.

Overall, the IEEE 802.11bb standard is a significant step forward for LiFi technology. It will help to accelerate the adoption of LiFi and make it a more viable option for businesses and individuals.

This is thanks to utilizing the light spectrum, they also added that it can deliver speeds reaching up to 224GB/s. Fraunhofer noted the fact that it operates in an exclusive optical spectrum, this shows that it has improved reliability and minimal latencies and jitters.

Fraunhofer added, “Light’s line-of-sight propagation improves security by preventing wall penetration, reducing jamming and eavesdropping risks, and enabling centimeter-precision indoor navigation”.



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