Mac Studio Uses World’s Most Powerful Chip

Earlier today, Apple revealed the M1 Max and M1 Ultra chips that promise to bring unparalleled performance for a personal computer.

Far Better M1 Ultra Processor Sends Mac Pro Under

Despite having 8 cores fewer than the Mac Pro chip, the M1 Ultra is making leaps and bounds when it comes to single core performance. The Mac Studio processor scored 1793 and 24055 for single and dual core performance, respectively.

Mac Studio's M1 Ultra Chip performance is 1793 for single core processing, and 24055 for multi-core processing.
M1 Ultra is better in single- and multi-core performance.

For comparison, the Intel Xeon W’s single core performance is at 1152, and the multicore performance marked at 19951. This means the M1 Ultra performed a fifths faster than the Mac Pro’s chipset when it comes to multi-core tasks, but a whopping fifty percent greater in single-core performance.

Bigger and Better Graphic Capability

The Mac Studio and Studio Display casting the home screen on a Mac.
Mac Studio’s 27″ retina display.

In addition to the Mac Studio, Apple also revealed the Studio display – a stunning 27” 5K retina display. The camera is inlaid in the top bezel of the Studio display, and it can be cast to any Mac.

The Studio Display is mounted in a way where the display can be mechanically-configured in a vertical position, and allows a tilt of 30 degrees in its default state.

With the ultra-powerful chipset, the Mac Studio plays 8K videos with ease. Apple claims the M1 Ultra enables playback of “18 streams of 4K video 422”. Just to give you an idea of what 8K really is, check this video by Carlos.

Mac Studio Price

  • Mac Studio + M1 Ultra Chip – PHP237,990
  • Mac Studio + M1 Max Chip – PHP117,990

The devices are available for pre-order today

Check here for other Apple product specs.


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