Major PH telcos supports SIM registration bill, ready to implement it, but there’s still some dilemma

Even a broken clock is right twice a day, but there’s no more broken promises and runaway fraudsters hopefully in the future after PBBM signed the SIM Registration bill

PBBM’s signing of the SIM Registration bill last Monday morning are now heavily supported by the three major telco players, PLDT/Smart, Globe Telecom, and DITO Telecommunity. Globe called out for the speed-up to deliver all National ID system, as more people are yet to receive their ID’s after one year of registration for it.

Globe even argued that if people will be allowed to submit any kind of identification, people will scamming intention will still thrive the space freely.

For this reason, our position has been clear from the beginning, a National ID system must be in place to ensure the safe and successful implementation of this new law. We support the passage of this measure after previous roadblocks and we are ready to comply. Aside from our advanced cybersecurity capabilities, we welcome a new regulatory environment that has stronger safeguards against cyberthreats and other crimes carried out using mobile phones…

Globe General Counsel Froilan M. Castelo

PLDT/Smart approved of President Marcos’ signing, but they want to have more time to properly roll out the new implementations. Smart also said in a separate statement that all telecom carriers should have enough time to “test its systems to ensure the safety of the information that will be collected from prepaid subscribers.”

We agree to this, because it allows more time to polish safety features and iron out any bugs and errors. Smart is currently planning an information campaign so the subscribers will not experience any hassle or mishaps during the entire process.

This industry-wide effort will impact not just the telecommunications companies but the thousands of retailers and millions of Filipinos using telco services as well…

Atty Roy D. Ibay, Smart VP and Head of Regulatory Affairs

Atty. Ibay also assured that PLDT/Smart is ready to comply in the formulation of the rules and regulations.

However, DITO Telecommunity shares the same sentiments as Globe, insisting that the identity validation will be a major, if not difficult challenge. They suggested that if both the National ID and passport system would be used as another form of identification as well.

Doing so will unburden the telcos of the need to establish another database to store biometrics data, which would be time-consuming and resource-heavy. Everyone in DITO Telecommunity is one with the efforts of the Philippine government. We stand by our commitment to be strong partners in nation-building.

DITO Telecommunity Chief Technology Officer Rodolfo Santiago

How about you? Do you agree with the SIM Registration bill, or it is too early to implement and it needs more grace period for the telcos to implement it properly?


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