MediaTek now leads the Top 5 smartphone processor companies!

In the thrilling first quarter of 2023, a new champion emerged, MediaTek, towering above the competition in the smartphone processor realm, though it did experience a slight setback compared to the previous quarter.

Our friends over at Counterpoint Research have just released a mind-blowing report, loaded with shocking data from the smartphone application processor (AP) market. OPPO, the trailblazing company, made a daring move to ditch chip production. This means it’s a win-win situation for both Qualcomm and MediaTek, since another rival is out.

During the exhilarating Q1 of 2023, MediaTek claimed a magnificent 31% market share in the smartphone AP kingdom. However, even champions face challenges, and MediaTek experienced a slight dip in both quantities and market share compared to the previous quarter.

This setback is due to inventory adjustments and tepid demand, resulting in an anticipated 5% drop in LTE SoC shipments and a less-than-stellar 5% growth in 5G SoC shipments for Q2 2023. Despite that, industry analysts foresee a dazzling comeback for MediaTek in the latter half of the year, as inventory levels stabilize and the phoenix rises once more.

Let’s not forget our worthy contender, Qualcomm, a prominent figure in the AP arena, who seized a formidable 28% market share in the epic Q1 of 2023. However, their shipments will likely not change in Q2 2023 due to inventory reductions, which should normalize in the quarters to come.

On the other hand, Apple, is renowned for their mythical proprietary chipsets. They held a 26% market share, but their chipsets are forecasted to take a slight tumble in the enchanting Q2 of 2023, succumbing to the inevitable force of seasonality. Nevertheless, the iOS empire showcased its resilience, outperforming the Android dominion and standing tall amidst the tempestuous winds of weak demand.

As for Samsung, they had a glimmer of triumph in Q1 of 2023! The launch of their Exynos 1330 and 1380 chipsets propelled them to greater heights, serving both the lofty realms of high-end devices and the humble abodes of the low-end market segment.

Meanwhile, the indomitable UNISOC, conqueror of the low-end battlefield, witnessed a minuscule surge in shipments during Q2 of 2023. Fueled by the insatiable demand for their LTE portfolio in devices priced below $99, they march forward, carrying the hopes and dreams of budget-conscious warriors.

Huawei Hisilicon, claimed less than 1% market share. Rumors speak of a resurrection, as a brand-new mobile phone chip could enter the market sooner or later. The smartphone processor race is nowhere near the end as technology is constantly evolving. Who do you thin will be at the top by this time next year?



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