Motorola Edge Pro 30: Comeback ng Motorola?






We haven’t heard from Motorola since nung nilabas nila ang bloke nilang phone since the 19-uh-something (just kidding). PERO! In the recent years, they’ve been releasing phones that can compete with the likes of Samsung and Apple, and this 2022, they’re going for another that can outperform any phone in the market (or will it?) Here’s a sneak peak into what Motorola Edge Pro 30 can do.


Sa unang tingin, parang walang dating ang Motorola Edge 30 Pro. It’s not until you flip the phone over that you will start to appreciate ga’no pinag-isipan ng designers ang looks ng phone sa likod (note the color in the Stardust White version).

Motorola Edge Pro 30
The Motorola Edge 30 Pro is an affordable “premium” smartphone.

The phone measures 6.42 by 2.99 x 0.35 inches. It’s a bit bulky with the 8.8 mm thickness, pero this phone only weighs 196 grams, just 4 grams short of the 200g threshold for “heavy phones.” Some people may actually like the heft, so it’s a bonus point for them.

The phone is available in two colors: Cosmos Blue and Stardust White. Honestly, the Stardust White looks way better. May kamukha nga yung style eh, check the vivo Y73 for its looks. It looks a bit like frosted glass na medyo matte, and it adds to the design appeal.

The Motorola logo is located dead-center of the rear panel and the Motorola brand is stamped near the bottom of the phone. The camera array is located in the top left corner. Vertical pa rin ang arrangement, just like its predecessors. 

Motorola Edge Pro 30
Rear panel looking slick!

Going to the front of the phone, you will instantly notice na manipis ang bezels. A little disappointing though since hindi nila ginawang curved display just like the Motorola Edge.


The phone uses an OLED screen, which has become the default setting for premium phones. Hindi naman ultra-premium ang Motorola Edge 30 Pro, but the price point will put it there just fine. If you’re the type to consider screen quality, talagang magandang option ang Motorola Edge 30 Pro.

Motorola Edge Pro 30
OLED, 144Hz, 1080×2400, punch-hole type camera – impressive display.

This phone shows pictures in 1080×2040 clarity. What’s going to make gamers happy is the 144Hz refresh rate display. So, in this section, we find out it’s a gaming phone, but Motorola is never content with just the performance.

However, watching Youtube videos or binging Netflix on this phone is just enjoyable. Kung ang phone mo merong HDR10+, and a billion colors, baka lipasan ka na ng gutom because of the immersive display that really draws you in.

This phone has a screen real estate of 6.7 inches, and features a punch-hole camera for maximum viewing experience. Some gamers may find it annoying, but for the regular media consumer, it’s more than good enough for casual web browsing and Tiktok videos.


Most phones today just play around 4000 to 4500mAh batteries, and sometimes as low as 3500mAh! Not Motorola Edge 30 Pro though – meron itong 4800mAh battery that will last the phone for at least a day for light use.

It uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, previously hailed as the World’s Fastest smartphone chipset, and it’s going to be a problem for heating. The Motorola Edge 30 Pro however has no cooling system, or at least a specialized one at that. 

The phone should be able to let the user experience seamless app launching and uninterrupted scrolling. Icombine mo ang mabilis na chipset and an impressive display, and you’ll probably find yourself downloading CPU and GPU-heavy games para makita kung gaano kabilis ang performance nito.

The phone has 5G, so you get all the updates from Facebook, IG, and what have you social media apps available. May WiFi 6 support na in ito kahit wala pa masyadong gumagamit ng WiFi configuration na ito sa Pilipinas. (Actually, meron na, but it’s not as common as WiFi 5).


The main camera features a 50MP multidirectional PDAF kaya pwedeng mag shift between blurred backgrounds and non-bokeh photos, and it’s going to be easier taking elaborate portrait shots. The main camera also works as an ultrawide/macro lens! That’s a BIG bonus for macrophotography, and insect hobbyists.

Motorola Edge Pro 30
One of a kind camera array. And excellent cameras, too!

The front camera has an even greater feature: the camera uses a 60MP sensor, so there’s no need to be shy with selfies. Kuha lahat ng details, so it’s going to be a good phone for Tiktok and creators (specifically, beauty vloggers or mukbangers).

This phone can record videos up to 4K at 30fps, and add to that the OIS that will result in more stable videos. We couldn’t ask for more from this phone – most phones today compromise in either way in terms of gaming and camera capabilities, but the Motorola Edge is  both balanced, and powerful – and it delivers what it promises.


There’s no official PH price yet, but sources reveal this phone can be pre-ordered for PHP34,995 for the 12GB RAM and 256GB storage. It’s available in an 8GB RAM, and internal memory varies up to 512GB. 

So does the Motorola Edge 30 Pro outperform phones? Yes, it does. Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, and an impressive selfie camera, an amazing display, and other features we haven’t even listed here make it a good choice over other phones. As for the gaming phone competition, there may be better choices. It’s a phone above midrangers, and a “cheaper” premium phone kung wala kang budget.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Motorola Edge 30 Pro soon!


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