Motorola unveils its first rollable phone

Though it pains us to know that the LG Rollable will never be materialized as in ever, good job for Motorola for still kicking and innovating

At the Lenovo Tech World 2022 event, Motorola unveiled a rollable smartphone idea featuring a vertically extendable scrollable OLED screen. The smartphone is based on an idea that other manufacturers have already unveiled and that hasn’t made headlines in a while.

See it in action: the Motorola Rollable which rolls vertically

According to the company, the user of the device only needs to press a button to extend or retract its display (compared to the cancelled LG Rollable that you can just swipe on the screen). This is a new form factor yet to be seen in no place other than in this video below:

When retracted, it is only 4 inches long, yet it has a diagonal expansion range of 6.5 inches. That is a very helpful idea, especially given that it is only 4 inches in size and can easily fit in your pocket.

The idea’s clarity in stating that the material should be able to adjust organically to the display’s size is a key component. which significantly enhances usefulness. The mechanism that allows you to shrink or lengthen the display also looks to be located at the bottom of the smartphone.

But since the maker didn’t exhibit the product in 360 degrees, we don’t yet know how many cameras the device has or how its back will be made.

LG Rollable in contrast that expands horizontally

The smartphone hasn’t even been formally released onto the market yet. Therefore, this is simply an idea. However, the idea sounds interesting and might appeal to users who currently buy foldable cellphones.

Lenovo also displayed a rollable laptop that, when turned from its usual landscape posture, opens out into a square shape. It is therefore perfect for vertical TikTok-style films and documents. According to Brian Leonard, VP of Design at Lenovo, the company’s investigation into unconventional form factors began with the ThinkPad 360P laptop/tablet.

According to him, it gives consumers a never-before-seen ability to multitask for productivity, browsing, and more. As the content adapts to the screen dynamically, it can extend into a much bigger screen area.


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