Mr. Beast Reaches 100M Subs!

Our beloved Youtube philanthropist has reached one-hundred million subs today, what’s next for Good ol’ Mr. Beast 6000?

Mr. Beast, or Jimmy Donaldson has reached 100 million subs as of today on his YouTube account. Donaldson, who is known for creating the most insane, most unbelievable, and the most inspirational videos—has touched the hearts of his subscribers for a couple of years now.

Mr. Beast reached 100 million subscribers during his livestream on his second channel. (Credits: MrBeast2)

Back to his humble beginnings, Mr. Beast was known for creating crazy endurance challenges for himself such as counting up to 100,000 without stopping, saying the longest word ever created, and even scratching a bunch of lottery tickets to see if he can recuperate his expenses for the tickets back.

After quite some time, he started to shift into making content with his fellow friends, subjecting them into Jackass-esque challenges with lots of prizes, before helping fellow YouTuber Felix Kjellberg (Pewdiepie) to help him to gain the upper hand in becoming the most subscribed YouTuber years back with an Indian media company, T-Series. Obviously, there are no match to it, but it was a fun ride–ranging from Mr. Beast asking random people to sub on Pewdiepie’s channel, and even renting a moving billboard attached to a truck to get the message going.

After the friendly beef with T-Series, Mr. Beast eventually moved into creating content that focuses on helping people in creative ways such as flying a drone then dropping a wad of cash attached to it below some strangers, selling high-end gadgets for a dollar, and so much more. But the renaissance had just began as Mr. Beast created a whole high production set to mimic the set of the South Korean hit-series “Squid Game”, and by doing that, he racked 80 million worth of views in just a few days. After that, he also recreate the set to Charlie and Chocolate Factory (the Gene Wilder version, of course).

Now he’s reached a hundred million subs, what’s next for Mr. Beast? Is he going to jump out of a skyscraper with only a flying duck as his parachute? Or step on a bunch of legos for three straight weeks? We’ll never know, but hey, thanks Mr. Beast for giving a smile to a lot of people through your content. Well-deserved!

This has been Mr. Vince of Unbox Diaries, hoping to get 100 million subs soon.


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