narzo, WIKO at Hyundai Mobile, Hindi Rin Papahuli sa 8.8 Mega Sale Party!

Pupuwede bang puro major smartphone brands ang bibigyan natin ng highlights? Siyempre, sa larangan ng budget phones, nandiyan ang mga budget kings na handang magbigay ng value for money! Tara, let’s read their discounted products!

narzo Smartphones and Accessories

ProductExclusive 8.8 price
narzo 50A (4GB+128GB)Php 7,999 6,999
narzo 50 5G (6+128GB)Php 12,999 11,299
narzo 50 Pro 5G (8+128GB)Php 15,999 14,299
narzo 50 (6+128GB)Php 9,999 8,699
realme Mobile Game TriggerPhp 690 590
realme Power Bank 3iPhp 790 640

Wiko Smartphones

ProductExclusive 8.8 price
Wiko T3 (4+128GB)Php 10,990 6,399
Wiko T50 (6+128GB)Php 16,999 10,290
Wiko T10 (2+64GB)Php 7,990 4,399

Hyundai Smartphones and Accessories

Product Exclusive 8.8 price
Hyundai H35 Basic PhonePhp 999 748.79
Takee A7 Plus (2+32GB)Php 4,430 2,166
Hyundai Mobile HD2 (2+32GB)Php 3,890 2,223.54
Hyundai Mobile HD3 (3+32GB)Php 4,950 2,702.70
Takee A8S Pro (2+16GB)Php 4,020 1,980
UMIIO X3c (2+32GB)Php 4,769 2,356
Takee A9 4G (2+32GB)Php 4,940 2,166
Takee A9+ (2+32GB)Php 4,540 2,166
Hyundai Mobile HD21 (1+8GB)Php 3,390 1,985.50
UMIIO X3 (2+32GB)Php 4,250 2,261
Hyundai Mobile HD1 (1+16GB)Php 3,500 2,080
Hyundai Mobile HD4 (2+32GB)Php 3,990 2,960
Takee A9 (2+16GB)Php 3,990 2,071
Takee A80 K1 4G LTE (3+32GB)Php 5,260 2,554
Hyundai Mobile HD5 (1GB+32GB)Php 2,990 2,166
Hyundai HD1 Battery (2800mAh)Php 349 192

Ayan, nalista na namin ang budget steals na ito mula sa narzo, Wiko at Hyundai Mobile (Takee at UMIIO)! Checkout mo na dito:



Hyundai Mobile:


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