Netflix Extra Member Plan launched in US to restrict password sharing! Ouch

Big news from the world of streaming as Netflix Extra Member has just been just announced to crack down password sharing in the U.S.! Basically, no more free rides on your buddy’s account!

Starting today, May 23, Netflix is rolling out some seriously strict measures to put an end to account mooching. If they suspect you of sharing your password, you’ll receive an email straight from Netflix headquarters. It basically says, “Hey, your Netflix account is meant for you and your household only.” Ouch!

Despite that, hey’ve also introduced a brand-new membership tier called the “Netflix Extra Member.” What’s that, you ask? Well, for an extra $7.99 per month, you can add a user from outside your household to your account. They are giving you the option to legitimize your password-sharing ways, but not for free.

So, here’s the deal with this extra member feature. They’ll get their very own profile and password, just like a regular subscriber. But here’s the catch: the account owner foots the bill. Plus, the extra member has to activate their account in the same country as the owner’s and can’t create any additional profiles. Netflix isn’t messing around, folks!

Additionally, Netflix is throwing in a cool new transfer profile feature. Let’s say you’ve been using your cousin’s account for ages. Now, you can seamlessly move your profile onto a fresh new account, keeping all your shows and recommendations intact. It’s like starting over without losing a single binge-watching session.

Remember back in January when Netflix teased us with their plans to convert those “borrowers”? Yeah, they’ve been planning this crackdown for a while. In April, they doubled down on their promise to put a stop to shared accounts by the end of June.

The days of sneaky password-sharing are coming to an end. Netflix means business, and they’re not backing down. Stay tuned for more updates on this epic battle between streamers and password-sharers.


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