New leaks of the Google Pixel Fold detailed renders and price emerge!

Google’s first foldable smartphone has been the main topic in a lot of rumors for a while now. However, a fresh leak from today claims that it will be named Pixel Fold.

One of “Google’s most secretive projects ever” is reportedly still in the works and is expected to debut in May alongside the Pixel Tablet. Considering the fact that Google’s annual developer conference always happen in May, we speculatively predict a reveal there. There will be two color variations, called Chalk (which is white) and Obsidian by Google (aka which is black).

Numerous renders of the smartphone in both color ways have leaked, reconstructed using 3D renders but no specifications this time.

However, according to the anonymous insiders that helped this report become a reality, the Pixel Fold will have “normal Pixel performance” and the Pixel flagship camera.

The Pixel Fold is expected to start at $1,799 ( roughly PHP 103,311. 00) That’s the exact price at which Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold4 first went on sale in the US back in August, and we brought it up since it will be the Pixel Fold’s major rival moving forward.

Since it does not extend all the way to the corners, the Pixel Fold’s “camera bar” is has less room than the ones on the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. However, it is still noticeable enough and somehow distinguishes this phone as a Pixel right away. Two 9.5 MP selfie cameras are present: one is housed in the hole cut out of the outer screen, while the other is located on the right side of the oddly large top bezel of the inner screen.

There are two speakers—one on top and one on bottom—and a fingerprint scanner built into the power button. This leak only confirms that, but it only makes sense that the Pixel Fold would be equipped with a Tensor chipset.


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