New Samsung S23 Series will impose a price hike

Who says only Apple can increase its prices? Samsung is on the bandwagon as well!

More information about Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S23 devices is leaking daily, and in some cases, multiple times per day, as the big February 1 unveiling event draws nearer. But the news on this one is not good.

A new report claims that this year’s Samsung flagships will cost more than last year’s models based on pricing data for Australia. The price increase in Australia is AUD 100 (roughly PHP 4,000) for each model and each variant of each model.

For what it’s worth, such direct ‘translations’ from one currency to another and from one region to another almost never succeed. In addition, phone manufacturers enjoy raising their prices in tidy rounds of 50 or, more frequently, 100. Thus, in the US and Europe, this could result in a $100 (around PHP5,400) and €100 increase.

Alternatively, it might only be $50 and €50, but the point is that a price increase, regardless of its precise amount, is currently being rumored. Samsung, on the other hand, is rumored to be increasing the storage capacity for its entry-level models from 128 GB to 256 GB.

Since you always paid more for more storage, if some locations get a 256GB base model and that increases in price by $100 or €100 from last year’s entry-level model, then this might not even technically be a price hike.

Simply put, you’ll be compelled to purchase the 256GB model even though 128GB might be sufficient for your needs. Remember that all of this is just conjecture based on one unproven rumor, so don’t take it too seriously. Keep checking back because the official announcement from the source won’t be here for another two weeks.


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