Nokia Magic Max 5G 2023 launching with 150MP camera, SD 8 Gen 2 and more

Nokia is making a comeback with its highly anticipated Nokia Magic Max 5G smartphone, and trust me, folks, this one is a game-changer. This iPhone looking device is set to challenge Apple in all areas.

Without even wasting time, we will start by the elephant in the room, the design. Even though this is not officially confirmed, Nokia will likely look like one of those popular iPhone 15 renders with a secondary display as the back. Everyone has been going crazy over this feature. This might finally be the time when we actually see it come to life.

First of all, it will have a massive 6.8-inch Super AMOLED Full HD Plus display with full Corning Gorilla Glass 7 protection, ensuring that your display remains as pristine as ever. Nokia is leaving no stone unturned by equipping the Magic Max with the latest and most powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 5G processor. And of course, what’s a powerful smartphone without the latest operating system? The Magic Max will likely have Android 14, ensuring you have access to all the latest features and updates.

We all know that storage is a big deal, especially when it comes to capturing those precious moments. The Nokia Magic Max will have storage options ranging from 8GB to 10GB of RAM and 128GB to a whopping 512GB of internal storage. This however does not scream flagship as you would really expect and that is a weird storage configuration for sure.

Ever since Nokia was born, one of the most popular reputations they have built is battery life. They understand the importance of long-lasting power, so they’ve packed the Magic Max with a robust 7500mAh battery. And with the USB Type-C port, fast charging is just a plug away.

The primary camera boasts an incredible 150MP sensor, capturing every detail with breathtaking clarity. Nokia will also include three additional lenses—a 50MP lens, a 16MP lens, and a 12MP lens—giving you endless possibilities to unleash your creativity. And let’s not forget the 55MP selfie camera on the front which is quite up there when comparing it to other flagships.

Now, the big question everyone’s asking: how much does this powerhouse cost? While the exact price is still under wraps, we’ve got some exciting rumors for you. In global markets, the anticipated price is around $450. Keep it in mind that all these are just speculations, and Nokia itself has not given any official word about it.

Do you think this will actually happen?


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