Nothing Phone 2: What to expect

One of the most unusual smartphones we saw in 2022 was the Nothing Phone 1. Carl Pei, a co-founder of OnePlus, founded Nothing with the intention of revitalizing the stale mobile market. What can we anticipate from the Nothing Phone 2 now that the business has revealed its objectives with the Phone 1?

Rumors so far

We’ll go through everything we know about the Phone 2 in this rumor round-up. We’ll also talk about certain information we may deduce from Carl Pei’s statements, Nothing’s brief history, and other sources other than rumors.

Is there going to be a Nothing Phone 2?

The Phone 2, which will be a successor to the Phone 1, will exist, according to Carl Pei. This is what Pei tweeted in December 2022, which is how we know it.

Unfortunately, the main goal of that message was to dispel the notion that a Phone 2 will be released soon. Phone 1 is still the brand’s primary emphasis, according to Pei, at least for the time being.

There will, however, undoubtedly be a Phone 2 at some point. Pei has a distinct long-term vision for what Nothing will become, which has been compared to an Apple-like vision. There will undoubtedly be a successor to the Phone 1 given Pei’s prior business and what he has mentioned about his brand. The only uncertainty is the potential timing.

When will Nothing Phone 2 be available?

As was stated in the part above, we are unsure of the potential release date for a new phone from Nothing. To gain a sense of what might be in store, we can look at the brief history of Nothing.

Pei brought a Nothing Phone 1 prototype at Mobile World Congress at the end of February 2022. It is extremely likely Pei might repeat this in 2023 and bring a Nothing Phone 2 prototype to this year’s MWC. He was seen showing this prototype to Qualcomm’s CEO.

Features and specs to expect on the Nothing Phone 2

The distinctive appearance of the Nothing Phone 1 immediately distinguishes it from any rivals. Thanks to the lights on the phone’s back, known as “The Glyph,” . The Nothing Phone 2 is a mystery to us, but we can be confident that it will include The Glyph.

However, there may be some adjustments to the Glyph. Nothing could be able to increase the brightness or energy efficiency of the lights. They might also possess new powers. But RGB lighting is one thing The Glyph almost surely won’t have (the Phone 1 is only capable of producing white light from The Glyph). Despite the fact that RGB would be a clear improvement for the Nothing Phone 2, Pei has consistently opposed it, even going so far as to call it “cringe.”

It’s unlikely that Nothing would choose a premium flagship experience for the phone’s internals. The Phone 1 has mid-range specs for its camera, processor, and other features. This was a planned action to maintain a low price. After just one generation, it is unlikely that Nothing would make a significant transition from the mid-range to the premium category.

Finally, we are aware that Nothing is now managing its software projects internally. Therefore, we may anticipate Nothing to fulfill its initial software update commitment of three Android upgrades and four years of security updates.

How much will the Nothing Phone 2 price be?

The Nothing Phone 1 is a midrange phone which costs merely $500, which is roughly Php 27,285 to get started. As previously said, we do not anticipate a significant internal change for the Nothing Phone 2, therefore the price shouldn’t significantly increase.


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