OnePlus 12 specs leaked online: Possibly with Snapdragon 8 Gen 3!

It seems like OnePlus is not resting on its laurels after the successful OnePlus 11 launch earlier this year. Nope, they’re already hard at work on its successor, and you won’t believe what it’s called—yep, you guessed it—the OnePlus 12!

A juicy new leak from a trusted source on Twitter (Yogesh Brar) has given us a sneak peek into what we can expect from the upcoming OnePlus 12. While the official global release date is still a bit of a mystery, insiders suggest that lucky folks in China might get their hands on this beauty as early as December. But fear not, global release is likely to follow shortly after, so everyone will have a chance to experience the OnePlus 12 goodness.

As of now, the OnePlus 12 exists in the form of engineering samples, giving us a tantalizing glimpse of its potential. Picture this: a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 chipset taking the reins, ensuring lightning-fast performance and jaw-dropping capabilities. Combine that with a stunning 6.7-inch QHD OLED touchscreen boasting a buttery smooth 120 Hz refresh rate, and you’ve got a display that’s as vibrant as it is responsive. Now add a 5000mAh battery! This powerhouse is not only long-lasting but also supports mind-boggling 100W fast wired charging.

The OnePlus 12 will likely be rocking a triple-camera setup on the rear with a 50 MP main camera that plus a 50 MP ultra wide lens and finally a groundbreaking 64 MP periscope zoom camera. This is a first in the OnePlus lineup. Sure, some may argue that there aren’t many hardware upgrades on the surface, but with these camera specs, OnePlus is definitely taking things up a notch!

Now, it’s essential to keep in mind that we’re still in the early stages of the OnePlus 12’s development cycle. With seven months to go until its official launch, anything can happen. With that in mind, we will see some changes and surprises along the way for sure.



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